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March 17, 2021
Liu He has called for efforts to push reform and opening up as well as high-quality development to vitalize the economy of Liaoning Province.
September 27, 2020
Sun Chunlan on Sunday called for passing on and carrying forward the heroic spirit of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea and striving to achieve national rejuvenation.
September 11, 2020
Wang Chen on an inspection tour in northeast Liaoning Province calls for full implementation of Charity Law
September 04, 2020
Wang Yong inspects Liaoning Province, stresses deepening reform to revitalize old industrial bases
July 03, 2019
China to introduce new measures to promote innovative models in foreign trade
July 03, 2019
China to further improve business environment, open up wider
July 01, 2019
Li Keqiang says reform and opening-up is a crucial step toward the revitalization of northeast China
June 21, 2019
Zhao Leji stresses high-quality supervision
September 29, 2018
Xi inspects military, stresses training, war preparedness
September 28, 2018
Xi stresses revitalization of northeast China
August 22, 2018
Hu Chunhua stresses wider opening-up, better environment for foreign firms
August 21, 2018
China, Russia to boost regional cooperation
July 22, 2018
Senior CPC official urges better law enforcement and judicial work
May 07, 2018
Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un hold talks in Dalian
June 28, 2017
Premier Li urges China's rust belt to speed up reforms
June 28, 2017
China's reform welcomes foreign participation
June 28, 2017
China's opening up offers inclusive opportunities to global businesses
June 26, 2017
Li Keqiang calls for building of equitable, open world economy
June 24, 2017
Liu Yunshan urges CPC development at grassroots level
February 26, 2017
China urges efforts to boost smart manufacturing
June 07, 2016
CPC planning new liability regulation
September 10, 2015
Chinese premier urges int'l cooperation in production capacity
September 10, 2015
China contributes 30 pct to global growth in H1: Premier
September 09, 2015
China's government debt risks controllable: premier
September 09, 2015
Li Keqiang underlines entrepreneurship, innovation
April 09, 2015
Urgent actions needed to decrease export slowdown: vice premier
April 22, 2014
Liu Yunshan wants long-term anti-decadence campaign #China
April 20, 2014
Senior CPC leader stresses supervision in mass-line campaign #China
March 27, 2014
Chinese premier stresses reform amid efforts to stabilize economy
March 26, 2014
Chinese Premier says reform measures to lift livelihoods #China
September 12, 2013
Li Keqiang and Liu Yandong attends closing ceremony of 12th National Games #China
September 11, 2013
2013 Summer Davos opens, focus on innovation #China
September 11, 2013
Chinese economy enters phase of medium to high rate growth: Premier Li #China
September 11, 2013
#China to reach growth target despite challenges: Premier
September 11, 2013
Li Keqiang urges countries to work in concert towards global growth #China
September 11, 2013
Reform, opening-up essential for #China's modernization: Premier
September 11, 2013
Premier urges #China-#UK coordination on int'l affairs
September 10, 2013
Li Keqiang meets with Russian Deputy PM #China #Russia
September 10, 2013
Li Keqiang meets Bulgarian PM #China #Bulgari
September 10, 2013
#China needs reforms for economic development: Li Keqiang
September 09, 2013
Chinese Premier stresses education equality #China
September 09, 2013
Li Keqiang said the international community should abide by UN Charter principles, maintain the authority of the United Nations and promote a political solution on the Syria issue #China
August 31, 2013
President Xi declares 12th National Games open #China
August 28, 2013
Chinese president visits Shenyang military theater of operations #China
August 16, 2013
Official stresses fairness in civil servant selection #China
July 27, 2013
Liu Qibao speaks at 9th CPC-CPV Theoretical Seminar in Dalian #China
September 25, 2012
#China's first aircraft carrier commissioned
July 03, 2012
Senior Chinese leader visits old industrial bases
June 26, 2012
Senior official calls for international anti-corruption cooperation
February 24, 2012
Vice Premier urges improved competitiveness in industrial sector
September 16, 2011
Premier Wen pledges further price regulation measures
September 14, 2011
Premier Wen says China remains clear-headed, firm in confidence
September 14, 2011
2011 Summer Davos opens in northeast China city
September 14, 2011
Premier Wen meets senior foreign leaders attending Summer Davos
September 14, 2011
Chinese premier specifies five tasks for political reform
September 14, 2011
Premier Wen says China remains clear-headed, firm in confidence
September 14, 2011
Premier Wen calls on aid providers to boost Africa's ability to self-develop
September 14, 2011
Premier Wen says China willing to help debt-ridden Europe
September 14, 2011
Wen Jiabao Meets with Foreign Dignitaries Attending Summer Davos
September 14, 2011
Premier Wen Jiabao Attends the Opening Plenary Session and Business Dialogue of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of New Champions 2011 and Answers Questions
September 13, 2011
Chinese premier calls for confidence in world economic recovery
July 05, 2011
Chinese Premier calls for maintaining economic momentum
July 02, 2011
Senior official calls for efforts to boost equipment manufacturing sector
May 26, 2011
Senior Chinese official urges improvement of "united front" work in social management
May 26, 2011
Guo Boxiong urges creating new situation in grassroots construction
April 18, 2011
Senior Chinese official urges growth of old industrial base in NE China
September 12, 2009
Wen Jiabao inspected Liaoning Province.
September 11, 2009
Wen Jiabao met with founder and executive chairman of World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab.
September 10, 2009
Wen Jiabao addressed the opening plenary of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2009, or the Summer Davos.
June 16, 2009
Jia Qinglin inspected Liaoning Province.
March 22, 2009
Wen Jiabao visited enterprises in Liaoning Province.
February 18, 2009
Zhou Yongkang made remarks at a workshop on political and legal work and safeguarding stability.
December 14, 2008
Hu Jintao inspected Liaoning Province.
December 22, 2007
Chen Zhenggao was appointed acting governor of Liaoning Province.
October 29, 2007
Zhang Wenyue replaced Li Keqiang as secretary of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee.
September 05, 2007
Wen Jiabao met with Finnish President Tarja Halonen who came to attend the summer meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF).
September 05, 2007
Wen Jiabao met with Latvian Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis.
September 05, 2007
Wen Jiabao met with WEF Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab.
February 19, 2007
Wen Jiabao spended Spring Festival in Liaoning.
February 17, 2007
Wen Jiabao inspected Liaoning province.
February 06, 2007
Wu Bangguo inspected Liaoning province.
June 24, 2006
Tang Jiaxuan met with former Japanese Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama.
November 09, 2005
Wen Jiabao made remarks during an inspection tour of the bird flu-hit Heishan County in Liaoning Province.
October 15, 2005
Li Keqiang met with Lian Chan, the Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang.
August 13, 2005
Zeng Peiyan inspected Liaoning province.
June 07, 2005
Wu Guanzheng inspected Liaoning Province.
March 23, 2005
Jia Qinglin inspected Liaoning province.
November 15, 2004
Wen Jiabao attended the symposium on rejuvenating northeast China and other old industrial bases.
October 07, 2004
Li Changchun inspected Liaoning province.
September 25, 2004
Zeng Peiyan addressed an international symposium on cooperation in northeast Asia.
September 01, 2004
Wu Bangguo inspected Liaoning province.
August 29, 2004
Wu Bangguo attended the ceremony for the official operation of the new Shenyang-Dalian expressway.
August 29, 2004
Wu Bangguo attended the ceremony for the official operation of the new Shenyang-Dalian expressway.
June 08, 2004
He Guoqiang inspected Heilongjiang and Liaoning provinces.
April 17, 2004
Zeng Peiyan made a speech at a symposium on accelerating technological progress in developing key equipment.
December 03, 2003
Bo Xilai and Hong Hu made keynote speechs at the International Seminar on Development Strategies for Northeast China.
October 24, 2003
Zeng Qinghong made an inspection tour in Liaoning Province.
September 01, 2003
Huang Ju made an inspection tour in Liaoning Province.
July 24, 2003
Wu Yi attended the fifth Economic Ministers Meeting of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM).
July 23, 2003
Lu Fuyuan exchanged views with Pascal Lamy,Trade Commissioner of the European Commission.
July 22, 2003
Lu Fuyuan made a speech at the 5th Asia-Europe Economic Ministers' Meeting.
June 03, 2003
Wen Jiabao issued the directives after inspecting Benxi and Fushun coal mines.
May 20, 2003
Guo Boxiong attended the funeral for No. 361 submarine accident victims.
May 05, 2003
Jiang Zemin made the remarks while meeting with the relatives of crew members of Submarine 361 who died in an accident at sea.
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