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PHOTO: Fu Xishou
Fu Xishou 傅锡寿
Standing Committee Member of the 9th CPPCC National Committee, Chairman of the Anhui Provincial Disabled Person's Federation
Born: 1931

Biography Highlight

Fu Xishou, male, Han nationality, is a native of Beijing. He was born in 1931 and graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of Qinghua University in 1953. As a university graduate, he holds the title of Senior Engineer. In 1959, he joined the CPC.

Fu has an extensive background with iron and steel projects. He was the chief designer of the Panzhihua Iron and Steel Project. From the mid 1960s to the early 1980s, he was the deputy chief engineer and deputy director of the Chongqing Iron and Steel Designing Institute.

From 1984 to 1987, he became secretary of the CPC Ma‘anshan Iron and Steel Corporation Committee. During that same period, he was the deputy secretary of the CPC Ma‘anshan City Committee.

In 1988, Fu was elected the Vice-Governor of Anhui Province. The following year, he became the governor of the province. He served in that capacity from 1989-1994.

Fu was an alternate member of the 13th CPC Central Committee and was a member of the 14th CPC Central Committee.

Recent Career Data

Chairman, Anhui Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation Anhui Province
1998—2003 Member, 9th CPPCC, National Committee, Standing Committee
1993—1998 Member, 8th CPPCC, National Committee, Standing Committee
1993—1998 Deputy, 8th NPC
1992—1997 Member, 14th CPC, Central Committee
1989—1995 Governor, People's Government Anhui Province
1988—1989 Vice-Governor, People's Government Anhui Province
1987—1988 Deputy Secretary, CPC, Provincial Committee Anhui Province
1987—1992 Alternate Member, 13th CPC, Central Committee
1984—1987 Manager, Ma'anshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Anhui Province, Ma'anshan City

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